Digital (business) drawing

Business drawing (digital)

DIGITAL DRAWING HAS BEEN ON THE RISE FOR THE LATEST YEARS You have written a beautiful text, full of relevant content. Everything is right. This is the story. Do nothing more. But are people going to read it? Or are they going to listen to you? And more importantly, do they understand what you are saying? Have LEFF and opt for digital drawings as the outcome. For example, with current themes such as agile working, digitization, government processes and organizational changes. Digital drawing has been on the rise in recent years due to the increase in devices, which make it increasingly easier to create and share applied visual expressions. The right image with the right text By acting quickly and using our extensive experience, we can help you very quickly with the right image for the right text. This solution can vary from a small drawing to a discussion board or process description. We can also digitally process analogue images into illustrations. We like to think along in the process.

These drawing where made to explain people with metal disabilities, to explain how to eat healthier. The client created a I’m Cooking crate with fresh ingredients, movies on how to cook and pictures to explain what to do. They where granted several government subsides.