Eureka Drawing Puzzle

Did you know that 23.000 students leave school without a diploma in the Netherlands?

Looking at research done every year among students age 12-20 only half of them is positive about the way they are taught in schools. Especially if asked if they get taught something new, the positive response is below 6 out of ten and often even 4 out of ten.


Our education system is very text driven. And I was one of those students, who had to work hard to understand and remember the text I had to learn. Apparently, I was not alone and still am not. There are many students who could benefit from not only textual lessons but also use drawing as research shows like the drawing effect from 2018 or the powerful effect of drawing in communication shown in Masseroni his research in 2001.

Workshop, Puzzle of Collaboration?

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What is in it for you?
  • Experience the power of drawing in tje Classroom for every student, every teachers and every subject
  • A lot of fun solving the puzzle
  • a life long lessen ametrie to be used over and over again.
  • The puzzle as an artefact to creatie awareness after the lessen is over

Every teacher recieven material, a puzzle and 20x rewards to hand out after solving the puzzle


Lessen plan: perparation time: 15 minutes
Lesson duration: 1,5 h

and questions: 

Location: your own Classroom

Aantal deelnemers: 20

Kosten p.student.: €199,- (excl. btw)

Lessonplan and visual assigments included


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